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    Python iPad Case


    I absolutely love my new iPad case! The Python case is so elegant and sturdy. Now I can carry it inside my purse without worrying about it getting damaged!!

    Looks great and works well

    I have only had the iPad and case since Christmas so keep that in mind. But the case does a great job. It fits well and looks great. The only thing that has been a little annoying and I suspect all cases run into this is that it slides easily when folded on the landscape position so I have to hold it so it doesn’t fall and you can’t really set it in the portrait position. Neither of those things are deal breakers for me and I’m still supper happy about my gorgeous case. I hope it holds up for quite a while. If so I will be back for more!

    Eye Candy

    The Python ipad case is extremely cute and has a nice texture. I love the way the embossed finish looks when the sun hits it! My iPad was easy to get into the case, unlike the previous one I had from another designer, and I'm confident it will stay in place even though I didn't have to put up a fight.

    I do wish the folding feature was more secure like my previous case, where the back turns into a complete and adjustable triangle, securing any angle I put the iPad on. Because of the free edge, this iPad case slips forward and falls flat from a few angles, but for the vast majority of angles, it stays in place just fine.

    The Python case is awesome for traveling with, since the colors and design can mix and coordinate with a variety of lewks and prints. In addition, it's perfect for blending into the decor at home, or anywhere. I'll be purchasing a MacBook case, once I figure out which model I'm going to get.


    Super cute!