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    Candice Adams, Chief Executive Officer

    As an eighties baby, I vividly remember the big beige computer box. We all had them. They slowly appeared in homes, offices, and classrooms everywhere. They were magical… then they were became boring!

    In the late nineties, Apple introduced colorful iMacs. They made our workspaces fun and exciting again. In high school, I remember adding my name to the waitlist to use one at the library. Later, in undergrad, I had a Dell laptop with interchangeable color plates. I tried to coordinate the colors with my outfits and loved making them my own.

    Afterwhile, both companies did away with those styles and as a young adult in the early 00’s I’d add flair to my devices with skins or stickers.

    Today, we take our laptops, tablets, and smartphones everywhere we go. They are a part of us... an extension of who we are. I feel their look and design should reflect this. The aesthetic of our devices should be an extension of our personal style!

    From the coffeeshop, to the classroom, to the conference room, everyone’s tech is pretty much the same. Chic Geeks offers an alternative to the sea of chrome. For the past 20 years, we’ve all had a similar monochromatic silhouette. Although elegant, it’s still largely homogenous. Chic Geeks re-introduction of color and personalization is a nostalgic fresh take on tech for the new millennium.


    Chic Geeks is where style meets tech. We design luxury tech accessories to make workspaces more beautiful and inspiring!

    Choose the style that represents you. Whether you’re feeling sophisticated, sleek, classic, or playful… We’ve got you “covered”! Our collections include Glitter, Faux Crocodile, Animal Print, Marble, Silk, and more...

    Chic Geeks hard-shell cases are a two-piece, snap-on design that are both protective and fashionable. Our cases are responsibly crafted from vegan leather and offer affordable luxury for everyone to enjoy!

    Chic Geeks. We're Different.