Orchid Faux Crocodile iPhone Case


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Looks great but started to peel

The color and style of the case is amazing. I bought the same color for my iPhone, MacBook and Ipad. The MacBook and Ipad case are fine but unfortunately in less than a month’s usage the phone case faux leather/“skin” has started to peel/separate from the shell. Very unfortunate for the price point paid. If it was a $10-$20 case, I wouldn’t sweat it yet this case is too much of a premium for this to happen in under a month.

Natasha Reznik

Does not serve the purpose of protection. Does not cover the edges

John Petrop
Beautiful case, however, sucks with MagSafe charging

The case is very nice looking however, it’s pretty useless if you can’t align the magnets of your phone and an Apple MagSafe charger. I never saw anything in the instructions said that you would need an extra part or that it won’t align properly. Don’t get me wrong it will work if you get the alignment perfect, I wake up and find that my phone is not charged. This needs to be addressed, and the company needs to provide a magnet to go between the case in the phone or onto the case so that it will work.

Patricia Powitzky
Orchid Faux Crocodile

Love the look

Lovely bit of kit, with some disappointment

Since dressing my iPhone Pro Max in its new orchard faux crocodile case, it has received many compliments both from friends and strangers. It fits beautifully and looks stylish and protects the rear and sides of my phone as advertised. I have two suggestions: 1. A small lip on the case around the cameras would keep them (the cameras) from harm when putting the phone down face up and 2. The case appears to not be compatible with MagSafe charging, although I have got charging to work simply by putting the case on the charger - it doesn’t lock into place though. A bit of a disappointment but not a purchase killer.