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    Based on 7544 reviews
    Awesome iPhone case

    I love my new iPhone case black faux crocodile looks so fancy . And the quality is amazing! I just love it. Now I will have to get an other one for the new iPhone 13 pro.

    MacBook case

    Loved the color! Well made and fits perfectly!


    My cover looks fabulous! the purple I wanted. Nice protection.

    Webcam Cover
    Nice Feature

    It is so much nicer than having a post it over my camera.

    I love this case!! Great quality and I get tons of compliments. 10/10 ✨

    Absolutely beautiful and stylish!!

    Python MacBook Case
    Naomi Brown

    Absolutely love love it

    Love it

    Super cute and attractive

    Amazing MacBook Case !!!!!! Highly recommended

    This case is a top luxury item to have. The Mac Book does not look complete without it. I am extremely happy that I have it.

    Beautiful Case, easy to install. Exactly what I wanted.

    Mandarin Faux Crocodile MacBook Case

    love love

    Scarlet Glitter MacBook Case
    Marianne Williams

    It is beautiful

    Pink keyboard

    Love this keyboard it makes it fun for me to work now!

    Crimson Croc Case

    I absolutely love my case and can not wait for the keyboard cover is back in stock.

    Waiting for my refund.

    Emerald Faux Crocodile MacBook Case

    Love the color and durability

    I love the “greeness” of the emerald green case! The durability is great as well.

    I’m absolutely obsessed

    I love my Crimson computer case, and webcam cover! Both are made with great quality. I would definitely purchase both, again.

    Customer Service SUCKS!!!

    I LOVE MY IPHONE AND MACBOOK CASES ,,, BUT I WENT THROUGH HELL AND BACK WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE! My Rose Faux Crocodile Cases we’re actually an exchange! I believe if Chic Geek had competition, their customer service would be much better!!! Please be mindful this was my SECOND purchase from Chic Geek!!!! I filed a complaint with FTC, feeling so dissatisfied with their customer service department after spending $120 for cases!!! I WAS NEVER ABLE TO SPEAK WITH SOMEONE … ONLY ABLE TO SPEAK TO THEM VIA EMAIL AND MEET THEIR DEADLINE IN ORDER TO TIMELY EXCHANGE MY PRODUCT … OTHERWISE I WOULD HAVE HAD TO KEEP A PRODUCT I DID NOT LIKE OR WANT IF I DID NOT MAKE A DECISION WITHIN THEIR 30-DAY TIMEFRAME!!! ALTHOUGH I LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS … I WILL NEVER SHOP THEIR AGAIN!!! GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE GOES FAR WITH ME$$$$

    LOVE!! LOVE!!! LOVE!!!

    Looks great, feels great!!! Easy access to buttons on side. Great product!!!!

    Crimson Crocodile Case

    Best MacBook cover I've ever seen. I had stickers on my previous MacBook like my kids. This is definitely a more grown up and sophisticated look.

    Gold Keyboard Cover
    Sonya Green

    Perfect fit!

    Love IT

    It’s so Chic and nice and matches my aesthetic, but still protecting my computer.


    My case is absolutely beautiful and very high quality!