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    Trendy Gifts For The College
    Student Going Back To School

    School is now in session and while it seems as if summer has come and gone, that’s because it did. While some colleges started the madness this week, other students have a few more days to relax before going to 8 a.m. classes and studying for finals take over their lives.

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    Your Guide To Having
    A Hot Girl Semester

    Don't be intimated by the class front row. Not only will you be more focused but as Thee Stallion states your professors will most likely remember your face. So, sit down, take out your notebook and your favorite pen, take notes and don't shy away from asking questions.

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    She Is Making Tech Fashionable Starting With
    A Stylish Laptop Case

    When Candice Adams decided to start Chic Geeks, she wanted something a little more stylish when it came to her flat silver laptop case. After two-plus years of prototyping, she came up with a product that no fashionable woman could resist. Cases that had all of the color, texture, and bling that one could ever wish for.

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    These Are The Cutest Laptop
    Cases On The Internet

    A laptop is, in our humble opinion, an excellent opportunity to accessorize. Whether you bring it to your neighborhood coffee shop, to work, or to class, you should dress it up accordingly — for both function and fashion purposes, of course.

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    Chic Geeks:
    Where Style and Tech Meet

    "Because there's no reason you can't make a style statement while also protecting one of your most precious technological investments."

    -Anabel Pasarow, Writer